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Sport is seen as a key part of the Rossall all-rounder, a pupil who is competent in all areas of the curriculum, academically sound, emotionally intelligent and physically fit.  A range of sporting activities exist for the keen sportswoman or sportsman but even if you are a recreational player or just want to have fun staying fit, there are plenty of opportunities to express yourself.  Rossall fully understands the educational benefits and wellbeing which a carefully balanced sporting programme can provide for young people.  Participation and enjoying the experience is at the heart of sport at Rossall.  We can point to famous names like Sir Walter Clopton Wingfield, the man who brought the world lawn tennis and Peter Winterbottom, the English and British Lion Rugby International, amongst many others.  Nevertheless, alongside our stand out performers, at Rossall, all students’ efforts are valued, be that achieving national representation or a pupil finding they like a sport new to them, or a personal best in a PE lesson.

Rossall’s Sports programme is led by a Director of Sport who oversees the development of all pupils, be they elite or those who just enjoy participating.  Our programme concentrates on athletic development, based on strength and conditioning training, cross training and employment of technology in the use of video analysis and GPS tracking.  Systematic coaching systems and high quality coaches provide direction.  We are happy to work with the sports clubs beyond school that pupils are associated with, to help facilitate their training programmes and offer Sports Mentors at school to help young sportsmen and women attain the right balance in their lives.

Rossall also provides a comprehensive schedule of inter-house competition, including several league based competitions played regularly throughout the term.  Camps, tournaments and tours to other regions of Britain and internationally are put in place to help develop pupils’ sporting prowess and create a sense of excitement around sport.

Our excellent on-site facilities include vast playing fields, a floodlit all weather pitch, a gymnasium, five squash courts, a climbing wall, eight fives courts, a 25 metre heated indoor swimming pool, a cricket pavilion, a shooting range and 3 new hard courts for netball, tennis and basketball.  Plans to build a large new sports centre with room for eight badminton courts, dance studios, classrooms and changing rooms are underway.

We firmly believe that there is a sport and physical activity for everyone.  At Rossall, we offer a wide range of well-known sports and some less well known and quirkily British, like Fives and our own unique game, RossHockey, played on the beach in front of the school.  Rossall sport is renowned for being of a high order, locally, nationally and internationally in terms of elite performance and participation.