The LAMDA classes can cover Speaking Verse & Prose, Acting or Public Speaking/Presentation Skills. Lessons are 30 minutes and rotate every week (just like the music lessons).

Students can share lessons with a friend that is also looking to start on the same syllabus. Acting or Verse & Prose lessons involve learning monologues/duologues, poems and prose from memory, working on characterisation and projection skills.

For the Presentation Skills examination, a student prepares a presentation on a subject of their choice, the LAMDA teacher will then help them with their posture and projection which will ultimately provide them with essential life skills that they can apply to a variety of tasks such as job interviews and public speaking.

Examinations are taken when the students are ready. Should a student be unsure as to which syllabus they would favour, we can try different things in the first few weeks and the teacher can help them decide where their strengths may lie.

If the syllabus is followed through to Bronze Medal (Grade 6), LAMDA points are recognised with UCAS applications at university level.

LAMDA Examination Classes are recommended for students who:

  • Perform well academically but need to improve self-presentation skills and confidence when speaking in public.
  • Are keen actors and want to polish their performance skills
  • Love drama but do not necessarily want to take GCSE or A level Drama.
  • Are less likely to gain high grades in mainstream subjects and want to increase their chance of getting a good College or University place

More information can also be found at: www.lamda.org.uk

If you would like any further information about LAMDA, please contact Mrs Mistry at: [email protected]