Guardians and Host Families

All of our international students have a nominated guardian in the UK. Guardians are arranged before students come to Rossall and are normally arranged with the help of an agent.

Some guardians take an active role and may well attend Parents’ Evenings to receive feedback about academic progress on behalf of the parents. The main role of guardians is to act as a host family during any holiday periods when the student does not return to their home country.

Most of our school holidays are at least one week long and we do not have any compulsory ‘exeat’ weekends – boarders can stay in school over every weekend in term time!

  • Guardianship

    To comply with UKV&I guidelines, all international pupils studying in the United Kingdom must have a Guardian who is over the age of 21 and who is resident in the UK. The United Kingdom Visas and Immigration Services (UKV&I), who issue our licence as an educational sponsor, will regularly monitor all boarding schools and colleges to ensure that these procedures are being carried out. We intend to carry out our duties diligently in order to protect our Highly Trusted Status.

    Of equal importance is the safety and well-being of our pupils when they are on school holidays and for this reason we have drawn up a Guardianship Charter outlining our School’s Guardianship Policy and the level of care we expect all guardianship organisations to provide to our pupils. It is the parent’s responsibility to select a suitable guardian for their child. The School cannot accept responsibility for any agreement financial or otherwise between the parent and guardian.

    Since September 2011, all new pupils studying at Rossall School must choose an AEGIS (Association of Educational Guardians for Independent Schools) accredited organisation. There are a range of services and prices on offer from each of these companies.

    The only exception to this rule is when parents appoint a close family member, who must be resident in the UK, over the age of 21 and who can serve as the host family. The appointed family member will be required to report to Rossall School within two weeks of the commencement of the pupil’s course. They will need to bring with them their passport and proof of address in the United Kingdom. Please note that we will not accept University students living in University halls of residence as a legitimate guardian. The process has to be monitored carefully in order to comply with UKV&I requirements. Checks are regularly carried out during the holiday period to ensure that the student has arrived safely with their host family and that all is well.

    Under no circumstances will pupils be allowed to travel without the supervision of their Guardian/Host family, nor will they be permitted to stay in hotel or rented accommodation, without supervision of their Guardian/Host family.

    If you have any queries regarding the new policy for Guardianship, please contact Gillian Leggett, Guardianship Liaison Officer and she will be happy to assist with the arrangements on g.leggett@rossall.org.uk or 01253 774204.



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