The Elite Football Programme for Girls

The rapid ascent of women’s football has led to a surge of interest in the game at grassroots level. This interest is perhaps best reflected in the attendance and viewing figures at the FIFA Women’s World Cup. Women’s football has, quite rightly, assumed centre stage and Rossall School intends to be at the forefront of the drive to ensure equality of opportunity for girls who seek to play professionally or work within the sports industry. Trailblazers like Millie Bright (England and Chelsea) and Steph Houghton (England and Manchester City) have inspired a generation of talented girls eager to emulate their success. 

Rossall School’s Elite Football Programme for Girls is the first of its kind in the country. This is a programme which offers more than high-quality coaching and exceptional facilities. It is equal to the boys’ programme and includes all the same aspects of the coaching, sports science, fixtures and enrichment provision.  The girls’ game has an exciting future and there is an opportunity to model a culture which is empowering and engenders those characteristics likely to support future success, such as: resilience, intellectual agility, self belief and confidence.The Elite Football Programme for Girls is delivered within a holistic context that is dedicated to producing well-rounded young people as well as fostering sporting excellence. 

To coincide with the September 2021 launch of the Elite Football Programme for Girls there will be a number of (up to 100%) scholarships and means-tested bursaries available; this includes a Millie Bright Scholarship. We are committed to attracting the brightest footballing prospects to Rossall; we wish to ensure that we are the destination of choice for all aspirant young footballers who want to combine world-class coaching with all the benefits of boarding life at a leading UK independent school. The girls within this programme will have the opportunity to play with the full Fleetwood Town Academy teams including the Wrens, and against many of the leading youth teams in the North of England. 

“British football is so much more physical. You have to be more physically involved and it has been so great for me to experience this within the Rossall School Elite Football Programme. I am so small, but I had to just get stuck in and play. It has been a great experience all round. Everything has been so much better than expected. 

Finally, my advice to a girl who loves football is never give up – always keep going; even if you fail, pick yourself up and carry on. Never give up.”

– Rebecca Hebbel, former pupil and Bayern Munich U17 player

“It is a huge honour to be asked by Rossall to be an ambassador for the Girls’ Elite Football Programme.

I am where I am today through my work ethic and would encourage everyone to follow their journey and dreams, like I did mine, through hard work, commitment and passion for the game.”

– Millie Bright, England Lioness, Chelsea FC Defender and Elite Football Programme Ambassador

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