Around half of our students live locally enough to be able to join Rossall as day students. In doing so, they join a vibrant and welcoming community with all the advantages, facilities and space to grow of a large boarding and day school campus. Our day students travel from a wide catchment area across the Fylde, many arriving on our dedicated school buses. Rossall also boasts its own tram stop and plenty of space for bicycles, so transport options are a-plenty!

  • Infant School Day

    8.40am – 9.00am – Registration

    9.00am – 12.15pm – Lessons

    12.15 – 1.30pm – Lunch

    1.30pm – 3.15pm – Lessons (Chapel on Friday)

    3.15pm – End of School day

    3.20pm – 4.00pm – School Clubs

    3.20pm – 5.30pm – RASCALS

  • Junior School Day

    8.40am – 9.00am – Registration

    9.00am – 12.25pm – Lessons

    12.25 – 1.30pm – Lunch

    1.30pm – 4.00pm – Lessons (Chapel on Friday)

    4.00pm – End of School day

    4.00pm – School Clubs

  • Senior School Day

    8.25am – Registration

    8.40am – Assembly/Chapel/Tutor Time etc.

    9.10am – Lesson 1

    10.10am – Lesson 2

    11.05am – Break

    11.30am – Lesson 3

    12.30pm – Lesson 4

    1.25pm – Lunch

    2.20pm – Registration

    2.30pm – Lesson 5

    3.30pm – Lesson 6

    4.30pm – Activities

    5.20pm – End of School Day

  • A day in the life of a day pupil

    For day pupils school begins at 8.30am, although some students arrive earlier and use the time before registration to work on prep.

    After registration the whole school joins together in the Chapel for assembly or a Chapel service on Mondays and Fridays. On Tuesdays, students meet with their tutors ahead of lessons to discuss their progress and planning, as well as topical issues.

    After the first two lessons of the day students take a short break, when they can return to their House, visit the on-site café, relax in their studies or socialise with friends.

    There are two more lessons before lunch, which is taken in the Dining Hall.

    After afternoon registration there are two more hours of lessons. Once a week, classes are held only in the mornings, whilst the afternoon is devoted to sport.

    From 4.30pm onwards all students are encouraged to participate in the School’s many clubs and activities till the end of the School day at 5.20pm.

    Many day pupils choose to stay on after school hours for prep and activities with their boarding friends, and have the option to board occasionally if they wish.

  • Food


    The food at Rossall is superb! Breakfast is a tempting array of cooked and fresh options accompanied by cereals, yogurts, muesli, fruits, juices and hot drinks.

    At lunchtime, there is even more choice with hot main dishes, a vegetarian option, pasta bar, baked potatoes, homemade soup and salad bar followed by a selection of desserts. In the evening, pupils enjoy a light supper in the Dining Hall, again with an element of choice in the sweet and savoury dishes. In the Senior houses, students have access to snacks such as toast and fruit.

    The Juniors also enjoy some fruit and snacks at various points in the school day. We are also very fortunate to have our own on-site café, Mondo’s. The café is open to Sixth Formers during the day but younger pupils can buy snacks there at break time such as bacon or sausage barms.

    Former head, Dr. Stephen Winkley, called Rossall ‘the healthiest school in Britain’ and with its coastal location, fresh sea air and enthusiastic approach to sport, it is easy to see why! We want our students to establish really healthy habits from an early age with an active lifestyle, enjoyment of good food and a good balance between work and play

  • Wraparound Care

    Wraparound Care

    As a school which is open 24/7, we have a number of early morning and late stay options for day pupils, tailored to suit each age and phase of the school.

    The Nursery, Reception, Year 1 and Year 2 are open from 8.00am, where supervised activities are available to the children before school starts. The academic day ends at 3.20pm for children in Reception to Year 2 and children are free to go home, however, we do encourage children to attend at least one after school club ending at 4pm. Between 4.00 pm and 6.00pm the children are supervised and allowed to play freely.

    Pupils in Year 3 to Year 6 do have the option to start earlier than 8.00am and join the children in Anchor for a delicious and nutritious breakfast before school. At the end of the academic day, 4.00pm, a variety of after school activities are offered and there is the option to stay in school for supper or prep. There is even the possibility to try out some occasional or flexi-boarding – the ultimate sleepover!

  • Flexi and Temporary Boarding


    Rossall School has flexi-boarding options and fees for parents of children who wish to board for one, two, three or four nights per week on a regular basis each week (Monday to Thursday).

    The flexi fees are set out below for 2020. The fees are made up of the day fee plus an additional cost for the relevant number of nights boarded each week during the term, whether that is one, two, three or four.

    1 NIGHT
    2 NIGHTS
    3 NIGHTS
    4 NIGHTS
    YEAR 7-8 £4,078 £4,530 £4,983 £5,437 £6,070
    YEAR 9-13/IGCSE £4,930 £5,519 £6,070 £6,622 £7,390
    IB LEVEL £5,259 £5,888 £6,476 £7,065 £7,885

    If you would like to consider a flexi-boarding option for your child or would like more information, please contact your child’s Houseparent or Lucy Barnwell on 01253 774321 or email [email protected]

    If you would like more information on flexi fees as well as the day, weekly boarding and full boarding fees please visit:


    Temporary Boarding is available to day students who wish to stay over in the boarding house on a one-off basis. This is particularly useful if you would really benefit from Supervised Prep or you have a busy weekend at school with sporting fixtures or have a project to finish.

    Temporary Boarding is just £42 per night (Year 3-8) and £48 per night (Year 9-13).

    If you would like to consider flexi-boarding, weekly boarding or temporary boarding please contact your Houseparent who will be able to help.



Wraparound Care

Wraparound Care

As a school which is open 24/7, we have a number of early morning and late stay options for day pupils.

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Flexi-boarding is an excellent way to get a taste of boarding, perhaps as a stepping stone to weekly or full boarding.

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Beyond the Classroom

Beyond the Classroom

One of the greatest advantages of a school like Rossall is the holistic learning experience afforded by a rich and varied extra-curricular programme.

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