Whether boarding is a new concept for you, or something which you believe is a key part of a great British education, we guarantee that you will be blown away by our boarding facilities and the inclusivity of our school community. With our Harry Potter-esque Dining Hall, beautiful Chapel and exciting house competitions, we have many hallmarks of a traditional boarding school. Yet, the overwhelming atmosphere is completely free of stuffiness or unnecessary pomp, like that of some schools.

Boarding at Rossall is very much in tune with 21st-century life. There’s a family atmosphere in the houses, comfortable communal areas, campus-wide Wi-Fi access, carefully appointed study bedrooms, and state-of-the-art shower rooms. Our boarders are also able to develop great friendships and social skills, independence and understanding, as well as a warmth of spirit and character that will serve them well at university and throughout their lives.

  • The Boarding Houses

    Rossall has welcomed boarders since the school was founded in 1844. Today, it is a friendly, supportive home from home for students from across the country and the world.

    Our beautifully appointed boarding houses are at the heart of an extended family. This is made up of students, as well as knowledgeable, caring houseparents and tutors – attuned to the needs of the young people in their care.

    Boarders join day pupils and staff to eat in the Dining Hall, where there is delicious and nutritious food to suit every taste.

    Our youngest boarders (boys and girls aged 7 to 13) live in Anchor House. There are seven Houses for senior boarders: three for girls (Rose, Wren and Dolphin) and four for boys (Maltese Cross, Mitre Fleur de Lys, Spread Eagle and Pelican).

    All Houses have triple, double and single bedrooms, a common room, and a large games room. There’s also a kitchen for snacks and weekend baking, and a library with computer workstations and internet access.

    While each House has its own unique history and personality, all foster an environment in which boarders are encouraged to achieve their true potential and develop valuable skills. This includes qualities such as communication, teamwork, leadership, empathy and cultural understanding.

    Pupils tell us that boarding at Rossall School is like being part of a big family, where everyone is there for each other. The support and encouragement of our Houseparents, Tutors, Captains and Monitors ensures students quickly become involved in the day-to-day life of their boarding house, as well as the friendly inter-house rivalry, which is a feature of life on campus.

  • A Week in the Life of a Boarder

    Our boarders are woken at 7.30am on school days and head down for breakfast in our Harry Potter-esque wood-panelled Dining Hall.

    After registration, lessons begin promptly at 8.35am. Each lesson lasts for 55 minutes and there are six lessons per day.

    Students in Years 7-9 enjoy an eclectic mix of subjects, including English, Maths, Science, History, Geography and Modern Foreign Languages including Mandarin. They also take turns in design technology, drama and food studies, which are allocated to groups on a rotational basis every term.

    Students in Years 10 and 11 will study the subjects they have chosen for GCSE. Mandatory subjects include English, Maths, Science and one Foreign Language, with optional subjects including Art, Drama, PE and design technology. For more information on the GCSE syllabus, please click here.

    Sixth Form students will study either the IB, A Levels or a mix of A Levels and BTEC. In their study periods when they do not have a lesson, students are expected to work independently in the Sixth Form Centre, Library or an academic department of their choosing. For more information on the Sixth Form curriculum, please click here.

    All students will participate in a games afternoon once a week. There is a wide range of sports available to our students including basketball, hockey, netball, football, Zumba and badminton.

    Classes finish at 4.30pm. Students must then either take part in an activity or work independently within the boarding house, Library or Sixth Form Centre.

    The School Day ends at 5.25pm.

    In the evening, the boarders have tea (dinner) at 5.30pm. They then have registration at 6.25pm before completing two hours of prep (homework), which is supervised by a teaching staff member.

    At 8.30pm the Senior boarders have free time in which they can visit their friends in other houses, go to the on-site café, Mondo’s (Tuesday, Thursday and Friday evenings), or shower and relax in their own houses.

    Year 9-11 students must be back in their own houses by 9.30pm. For Sixth Form students, they have a curfew at 10.00pm.*

Weekly Boarding

Weekly Boarding

For students who live within striking distance of Rossall, there is the option to become a weekly boarder.

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Flexi-boarding is an excellent way to get a taste of boarding, perhaps as a stepping stone to weekly or full boarding.

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Whether joining Rossall as a day or boarding pupil, you will be coming to a vibrant and happy community.

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