Rossall School: Making a commitment to become an All-Steinway School

Rossall School’s commitment to providing an outstanding musical education for future generations of pianists has been further enhanced by taking delivery of twelve new pianos from the renowned piano maker Steinway & Sons in early Summer 2021, including a new Steinway Concert Grand. Adding these instruments to our existing Steinway & Sons fleet will secure the internationally recognised accreditation ‘All-Steinway School’. 

Rossall School is currently home to: 

  • One Steinway & Sons Model A Grand Piano
  • Two Boston Grand Pianos
  • Six Boston Upright Pianos

Enhancing our fleet, Steinway & Sons will  deliver:

  • One Steinway & Sons Model D Concert Grand
  • One Steinway & Sons Model B Grand Piano 
  • One Steinway & Sons Model A Grand Piano
  • Nine Essex Upright Pianos

The impact becoming an All-Steinway School will have on our pianists cannot be overstated. The opportunity to regularly play on the world’s finest pianos is a hugely exciting and motivating prospect for all pianists. Building on our already rich musical heritage, we believe that becoming an All-Steinway School is the natural step forward in firmly establishing Rossall School as one of the top destinations for 11 to 18-year-old pianists from around the world. 

Students will receive all their lessons and give performances exclusively on Steinway & Sons grand pianos. They will practice on these pianos as well as the Steinway designed pianos (Boston and Essex) that will be situated in the departmental practice rooms and each individual boarding house. With Steinway designed pianos situated throughout the campus, the impact of music within our school community will continue to flourish. 

*Rossall is also home to a century-old Steinway & Sons grand piano undergoing meticulous restoration, we hope to be able to restore some of its former glory and retain a beautiful piece of Rossall and Steinway & Sons history!