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Growing pains

It has always fascinated me, as a child, as an adult, and as a parent, that when you’re young you can’t wait to grow up and when you’re all grown…

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The power of words

My cousin and I grew up together. We spent pretty much every weekend and most afternoons with each other. Curiously, the Serbian word for cousin is the same as the…

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The gift of purpose

It’s been a year to remember for all of us. Nothing on those innocent sunny days of early September 2019 would have prepared us for what was to come. We…

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Academic Newsletter

Rossall School Diploma Results – Sixth Formers achieve Outstanding Results! We are delighted to report that our current Upper Sixth Form (Year 13) students have achieved outstanding results in their…

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Choosing happiness

I am living out a childhood dream. Growing up in an apartment block in a big city, my contact with animals was minimal. I longed for anything that I could…

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The Importance of Remembering

Early on Monday morning, my 5-year-old daughter announced proudly that “today” she would have to stand in silence for 2 minutes. Of course, it was Remembrance Day, and my heart…

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Why the arts matter

At a time when increasingly arts subjects are marginalised within the national curriculum, it is reassuring to see music, drama and art flourishing at Rossall School. There is no better…