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Another day in paradise!

The author Leo Tolstoy once mused that Spring is the time of plans and projects. Whilst Rossall bathes in glorious sunshine and the tranquil waters gently lap at the sea…

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Welcome back!

The virtual world within which we are now obliged to live is full of surprises. The school campus is stunningly beautiful and bathed in glorious sunshine, yet we are unaccustomed…

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It’s a sporting life!

Football analogies tend to leave me a little cold but there are times when sports can prompt us to reflect a good deal upon our own lives. The cricketer Ed…

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Why, man, he doth bestride the narrow world. Like a Colossus, and we petty men. Walk under his huge legs and peep about. Julius Caesar Act 1 Scene 2 Jens…

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Professional Development

There was a time, in the not too distant past, when teachers received next to no professional development. The cult of the martyred maverick who did things his or her…