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Upon My word

Some would argue that there are certain morals or values that are eternal. Few would contend that the Ten Commandments depend upon prevailing societal norms or are only applicable in…

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A US President and Rossall School

The appointment of Richard McDowell to the position of School Archivist reflects our determination to preserve the School’s heritage for future generations.  It is the case that the School is…

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John Stanley Richardson

Remembrance Day Service 2021 Before the guns fell silent in November 1918, no less than 298 Rossallians had died in service to their country. It is difficult for us to…

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World Mental Health Day

In my second year at university, I became aware that one of my friends was spending an inordinate amount of time in the college computer room. Increasingly bleary eyed and…

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Teaching Consent

The murder of Sarah Everard shocked a nation that was just beginning to emerge from a pandemic. The fact that her attacker was a Metropolitan Police Officer has served to…