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A Trip to Ground Zero

I have spent the last forty-eight hours in New York. Aside from meeting Old Rossallians and visiting a number of schools, I made a difficult journey to Ground Zero. Back…

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Why I refuse to remain ‘neutral’

We are living through turbulent times and perhaps the most frightening of developments is the unchallenged ascent of populist demagogues who show scant regard for Plato’s well-considered position regarding the…

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The Nature of Why

Last Saturday afternoon, the Winter Gardens provided an outstanding venue for an electric performance of The Nature of Why. This mesmerising performance piece merges dance and live music into a…

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The Soote Season

With grene hath clad the hill and eke the vale: The nightingale with fethers new she singes: The turtle to her make hath tolde her tale: Somer is come, for…

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Is it all in the DNA?

Last week, Robert Plomin, Professor of Behavioural Genetics at King’s College, London, argued that sending children to private schools is essentially a waste of time because academic success is written…