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The Rossall Journey

A really lovely visit on Saturday from 21 members of the Hesketh-Fleetwood family; they had travelled all the way from Sweden where one branch of the family had established itself…

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We all have magic inside us

It has been quite a Harry Potter year at Rossall, what with the launch of the Harry Potter Appreciation Society and the very popular weekend trip to the Harry Potter…

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Chaplain’s Challenge 2018

My early morning start on Saturday to meet up with the Chaplain’s Challenge walkers in Yorkshire began at Poulton railway station in the spring sunshine. Poulton le Fylde station is…

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Bring me sunshine!

At last, just over a week into the Summer Term and we have a glorious day of warm sunshine at Rossall; the sky turned that intense blue that you see…

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The Marvellous Mr Tahta

It is a truism that behind every great person is a great teacher. Last week saw the passing of Stephen Hawking, most eminent scientist, mathematician and astronomer. He had often…

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Olympic Gold

I started the weekend feeling quite pleased with myself: I had quickly rattled through an (allegedly hard) online spelling test and come away with full marks. To be fair, I…

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Snow Day

It has been a long time coming, but finally, we had the joy of a proper snow day at Rossall! A flurry of snowflakes around 4am had left a thin…

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New York, New York

I think it must be impossible to come to New York and not have a sense of stepping in to a movie; yellow cabs at every turn, curious steam rising…