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The Marvellous Mr Tahta

It is a truism that behind every great person is a great teacher. Last week saw the passing of Stephen Hawking, most eminent scientist, mathematician and astronomer. He had often…

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Olympic Gold

I started the weekend feeling quite pleased with myself: I had quickly rattled through an (allegedly hard) online spelling test and come away with full marks. To be fair, I…

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Snow Day

It has been a long time coming, but finally, we had the joy of a proper snow day at Rossall! A flurry of snowflakes around 4am had left a thin…

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New York, New York

I think it must be impossible to come to New York and not have a sense of stepping in to a movie; yellow cabs at every turn, curious steam rising…

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Midwinter Music

A bitterly cold wind is whistling in from the Irish Sea today; students are positively rushing from class to class. I even saw two boys share out the large pile…

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Blown Away

Over the past few days, I have been literally and figuratively blown away. Storm Ffion has now moved off to the eastern side of the country, but was quite a…

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What a performance!

With a flourish of frost, the Lent Term 2018 gets underway. It is always a slightly hushed time of the school year as the exam year students come straight back…

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Homemade Christmas

There are many signs that Christmas is a’coming, but one of the most enjoyable arrived in our kitchen yesterday, enclosed in a brown paper bag; a perfectly formed mince pie,…