Have you considered leaving a legacy to Rossall School in your will?


Since 1844, Rossall has been committed to helping young people grow intellectually, culturally, socially and emotionally. This is why so many Rossallians have made such positive contributions to the societies within which they live and work. This community is one rooted in tradition and generosity has always been at the heart of our collective character and culture.

A tradition of benefaction among Old Rossallians enables the School to fulfil its goals. Rossall is indebted to many benefactors, through whose generosity over the years the school has continued to flourish

The Legacy Studio. If you are considering leaving a Legacy to Rossall why not contact Tony Carter (Pelican 1972-77) who runs the Legacy Studio. Tony has very kindly agreed to offer a Free Wills Service to any OR leaving a Legacy to the School.

Should you already have a Will in place, he would be happy to discuss the provision of a Codicil, so you could add a bequest to your Will, and again all free of charge.

For more information www.thelegacystudio.co.uk  01484 817266

A tradition of benefaction amongst Old Rossallians enables the School to fulfil its goals.


If you have decided to leave a legacy to Rossall, please contact Henry Shepherd, Foundation Director, Rossall School, Broadway, Fleetwood, FY7 8JW

Tel: 01253 774201

Email: [email protected]


Membership of this society includes anyone who chooses to leave a legacy to Rossall. We hope that your experience and memories here at Rossall will enable you to seriously consider joining the 1844 Society.