Achievements and Plans

The Foundation has raised over £2.25 million, with over 700 Old Rossallians having made donations over the last few years.

Their generosity has enabled the school to complete both large and small projects. Recently, a Multi Use Games Area (MUGA) has been built and a new Sixth Form Centre has been created above Mondos (the old Tuck shop). The Foundation has also bought equipment for the new Golf Academy opening in September.

Our first Foundation Bursary Award has been given and a local student will be starting their sixth form education at Rossall in September.

The contribution by the Foundation is a real benefit to the school in helping them deliver the traditional Rossall education experience.

  • Annual Appeal

    Above and Beyond.

    The Annual Appeal offers ORs and Parents the opportunity to contribute to projects and aspects of education which cannot be funded through the fees, but will bring an immediate beneficial effect to school life.

    The school’s aim is to provide outstanding facilities to enable the school to continue to provide the academic, sporting, and cultural education that it does. But as in all walks of life the finishing touches are so important. In the recent past the Annual Fund has provided Ipads for the Junior School, two defibrillators for the campus, and indoor cricket nets. All items that have been greatly received by the pupils and staff but would not otherwise have been possible.

    It’s all about making a difference now. The school has changed over the years but some things never change and that hopefully includes the generous support of those who have benefited from what Rossall offers.


    Gift Form

    If you would like to discuss the Annual Fund in more detail and how you could help please do not hesitate to ring the Development office and ask for Henry Shepherd, Development Director, on tel: 01253 774284, or email  [email protected]


    150 Donors £15 per month = £27,000 per year Plus 25% Gift Aid = £33,750

    We are hoping that many members of the Rossall Community will support the School in its pursuit of sporting excellence. If you would like to add your name to those who have contributed to ensure that Rossall continues to offer a full range of opportunities and facilities, please see the section headed: How can you support Rossall?


    Rossall could not be the school it is, and offer the facilities it does, without the support it has always received from the whole Rossall Community.

    A huge thank you for your support from all the staff and pupils and all of us in the Development Office.

    “The most important function of education at any level is to develop the personality of the individual and the significance of his life to himself and to others.” (Grayson Kirk)

  • Bursary

    Widening Access, enabling opportunities.

    How times have changed here at Rossall over the years, since its founding in 1844.

    But central to the school’s philosophy all this time has been opening up the benefits of a Rossall education to as wider audience as possible. In fact the very establishment of Rossall by St Vincent Beechey, all those years ago, was “ to provide, at a moderate cost, for the sons of clergymen and others, a classical, mathematical, and general education of the highest class, and to do all things necessary, incidental, or conducive to the attainment of the above objects”.

    A Foundation Bursary will be available to any child who meets the academic requirements for a place at Rossall, but who has exceptional talents in areas such as Sports, Arts, Music and Academia, and will therefore benefit from everything Rossall has to offer, and whose parents or guardians have no realistic prospect of meeting the costs of independent schooling.

    The first recipient started in Michaelmas 2016. This bursary was possible as a result of a donation in memory of Robert Bernays (A 16-20), a legacy from Michael Melluish (SE 40-51) and support from Mark Gregory (R 71-77). The first Foundation Bursary was awarded to a local student who excelled as an all-rounder.

    We would like to continuing offering future foundation bursaries for Year 12 students each year, as funds allow, and will redefine the criteria for the applications each time. But all bursaries are means tested and all applications will be assessed by reviewing documentary evidence, and by conducting interviews and home visits (where applicable). It is the school’s wish to welcome more pupils who come from all backgrounds. The general criteria will always include how the prospective pupil would benefit from a Rossall School education, and what contribution they will make to the life of the school. This second phase has been launched with a very generous donation from Old Rossallian, Simon Borrows (A 71-77).

    The Foundation Bursary will cover the 2 years of Sixth Form and be for up to 100% of the school fees. The Foundation will be looking for a boy / girl who excels as an academic, who would like to study A levels or the International Baccalaureate Diploma.

    We hope that many of you will be able to help this appeal, knowing that there is no greater gift that we can give someone than that of an excellent education.

    They say that philanthropy of the past has created the opportunities of today, and we hope that philanthropy today will continue to help those for the future.

    You can make a difference.

    “ Education is our greatest opportunity to give an irrevocable gift to the next generation.” (Ernie Fletcher)

    Don’t forget your gift could change a young person’s life, and give them an opportunity they may well otherwise not have been able to afford.


    If you would like to support a Bursary place at Rossall, which could give a life-changing opportunity and provide the encouragement needed for someone to realise their full potential in later life then please contact Henry Shepherd at [email protected]

    Sixth Form Day Fees per annum £13,740

    Or 46 Donors giving £20.00 per month = £11,040 plus 25% Gift Aid = £13,800  (£4,600 per term).

    Support a Bursary place now and you will be able to see a student progress through the school and experience many of the same things you did during your time at Rossall.

    We are hoping that many members of the Rossall Community will support the School in its pursuit of sporting excellence. If you would like to add your name to those who have contributed to ensure that Rossall continues to offer a full range of opportunities and facilities, please see the section headed: How can you support Rossall?


    We would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your continued support of the school. All donations will be acknowledged in our regular updates from the Development Office, and all donors giving education support to a pupil for a year or more  will be acknowledged on the Foundation Bursary Appeal Board  at school.


  • Capital Project

    Celebrating the past. Building for the future.

    Sport has always been a huge tradition at Rossall and our facilities have reflected this over the whole of our 160 acre site. But as ever we need to continually review the facilities available and check that they enable the school to offer sport for all, at all levels, in all sports.

    The School is always trying to add to its excellent sporting opportunities for its pupils with golf being a priority at the moment. However, the next major project is the possible provision of a Sports Centre.

    Sport is an integral part of a healthy and active lifestyle, with core skills such as teamwork, communication, agility, and strategy being developed along the way. The centre will encourage greater participation in a whole range of sports, for all abilities, and will also help us drive towards excellence. We believe in a Sport for All mentality but we also want to produce sporting talent that the school can be proud of.

    Rossall is at an exciting time in its history. We have proud traditions that sit well in a thoroughly modern global school. The School needs to be able to offer up to date facilities not only for all the traditional sports but also the modern ones.

    We are hoping that many members of the Rossall Community will support the School in its pursuit of sporting excellence. If you would like to add your name to those who have contributed to ensure that Rossall continues to offer a full range of opportunities and facilities, please see the section headed: How can you support Rossall?

    If you would like to be kept up-to-date with, or support, the research into the provision of a new sports centre, then please contact Henry Shepherd, Development Director at [email protected]

  • Legacy

    Leaving a Lasting Legacy

    “The direction in which education starts a man will determine his future in life.”  – Plato

    Rossall is full of tradition and has been since it was founded in 1844. The school has always created an opportunity for it’s pupils to express themselves and grow into mature adults, profiting from academic, sporting, and cultural opportunities, supported by a sensitive framework of pastoral care.

    Old Rossallians have continually supported the school to ensure that it is able to fulfil it’s goals.  There has always been a tradition of Benefaction.  Rossall is indebted to many benefactors, through whose generosity over the years the school has continued to flourish. It is well known that all public schools have relied on support over the years, as fee income alone is insufficient to cover all the costs of improving and maintaining the whole site, which more often than not include listed buildings, and an ever increasing list of new facilities.

    The history of Rossall includes many benefactors including such names as: Fletcher, Porritt, Newell, Jackson, and Trapnell , but recognition must go to all the many people who have chosen to support Rossall in whatever way they can.

    THE 1844 SOCIETY

    As a result of this Rossall created many years ago the 1844 Society, whose membership includes anyone who chooses to leave a Legacy to Rossall. We hope that your experience and memories here at Rossall will enable you to seriously consider joining the 1844 Society. The experience of a Rossall education can be life changing , and the opportunities each pupil receive are sometimes only acknowledged years after leaving.

    We recognise that a legacy to Rossall is a special kind of gift and is something that will always be remembered. Your gift could change a young person’s life and give them the opportunity to build life-long memories of an education at Rossall.  Your gesture will make a difference and ensure that you are a part of the school’s future.


    If you have decide to leave a legacy to Rossall, please contact the Development Office for all the necessary details.

    Henry Shepherd, Development Director, Rossall School, Broadway, Fleetwood, FY7 8JW

    Tel: 01253 774284

    Email: [email protected]


    Please can we take this opportunity to thank you for giving this request your due consideration and for your continuing support of Rossall.

    All those leaving a Legacy to school will automatically be enrolled in the 1844 Society and details will be forwarded to you. We will also ensure that recognition of your support is documented at school and in the news updates, unless of course, you would prefer to remain anonymous.

    “Upon the subject of education, not presuming to dictate any plan or system replacing it, I can only say that I view it as the most important subject which we as a people may be engaged in.” – Abraham Lincoln


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