Summer Exams 2021

Following the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic, the UK government has decided that the Summer 2021 examination series will not go ahead as planned. Instead, (I)GCSE and A-Level grades will be awarded by teachers based upon a range of evidence completed by the student. These results will then be reviewed by the exam boards before awarding the final grades.

A wide variety of evidence can be used to make these grade judgements and each department has used their professional judgement to select evidence that best demonstrates the ability of it’s cohort. This evidence may be examination tasks, sat under controlled conditions, work produced in class or for homework, in-class tests, or other pieces of work that demonstrate a class’ ability. The exam board guidance is that the evidence used needs to be a significant piece of work and our aim is to present evidence that fully demonstrates a pupils abilities and the level we know they can perform at.

In the majority of cases, the range of evidence that is used will be consistent across the whole subject cohort. However, there are circumstances where a different range of evidence may be more appropriate, for example if a student has missed significantly more teaching than others in class, or if they have a doctor’s note for a particular exam day. These pupils will be made aware if alternative evidence is being used to support their grade.

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