Scholarships at Rossall School, England, UK


To complete the scholarship application you will need the following:

All applicants:

  • A copy of your child’s passport
  • Copies of your child’s last two school reports
  • A handwritten personal statement from your child (no more than 2 sides of A4). Please do no submit typed personal statements
  • A registration fee of £75 (please note, if you have already registered for Rossall and paid this, you do not need to pay again).

Sixth Form applicants:

  • Your child’s predicted GCSE grades. Please do not worry if you do not yet know these.
  • Your child’s preferred subjects they wish to study at either A Level or IB (they must choose 2)

Sports Scholarship Applicants

  • Which sport(s) your child wants to be considered for
  • Their current playing level (e.g. regional, national, club, county etc)
  • Supporting information (e.g. John plays for Manchester United Youth U14s Team)
  • Sporting achievements and awards (e.g. Player of the Year 2018 at Wyre Netball Club)
  • Sports Reference (e.g. a coach or trainer – please note, we will be contacting the named person for confirmation)


For more information regarding the scholarships, please refer to our Admissions Guide.



Rossall awards a wide variety of scholarship awards each year to current and new pupils to the School. Means-tested bursaries can be offered to further supplement these awards.

We encourage all applicants to consider Rossall, regardless of whether they think they can afford the full tuition fees. We do our best to admit and support a wide variety of students from many diverse backgrounds.

These awards are given for different reasons:


Scholarships are awards based on merit/excellence. They are awarded for pupils entering Years 7, 9 and 12, with outstanding talent in the fields of academics, sport, music, art and performing arts/drama. Scholarships are reviewed annually in light of a pupil’s achievement, effort, attitude and behaviour.

Scholarship application deadlines are at the end of the Michaelmas Term the year preceding entry.

Families will be notified if an award is forthcoming soon after all the assessments and interviews have been completed.


A bursary (an award based on financial need) is a reduction in fees based on an assessment of the merit of a pupil and consideration of parental financial circumstances, assessed following the completion of Rossall’s financial circumstances form.

Families of Year 7 pupils (or pupils entering Year 7) and above can apply for a bursary solely or if the Scholarship that they have been awarded is not sufficient to be able to take advantage of a Rossall education. Bursaries are reviewed annually.

Scholarship and bursary awards should be regarded as strictly confidential.

For full details of our scholarships and bursaries available, please contact the Bursary: [email protected]

*Bursary applications for entry into Rossall will only be considered from September to April preceding the year of entry when bursary support is needed.

For information on sibling discounts, please visit the Fees page.

Forces Bursaries

If a CEA allowance is awarded by the MOD, Rossall will provide an additional discount, such that the minimum parental contribution permissible under MOD CEA rules is made. Currently the MOD asks that eligible personnel make a minimum contribution of 10% towards the discounted school fees.

If a CEA allowance is not available, Rossall are able to award a discount of up to 25% to forces families.

Clergy Bursaries

Rossall School was founded in 1844 by Rev. St Vincent Beechey as a sister school to Marlborough College which had been founded the previous year. Its establishment was ‘to provide, at a moderate cost, for the sons of Clergymen and others, a classical, mathematical and general education of the highest class.’ Beechey set about finding the funds required to set up such a school and received support from many including The Earl of Derby, the Duke of Devonshire and the Bishop of Chester.

To this day, our commitment to supporting the sons and daughters of clergymen and women continues and we offer a substantial non-means-tested bursary award for each child.

Education Grants Advice Service


The Educational Trusts’ Forum started in the early 1980s as the Joint Trusts’ Liaison Committee. It changed its name in 1988. Its membership comprises charities that are prepared to consider grants and awards to assist children in need whose families cannot afford educational or boarding fees. Pupils may be at Independent schools or State schools where a boarding fee is charged.

Educational Grants Advice Service, Telephone Helpline: 01932 865619. (Managed by the Royal National Children’s Foundation, on behalf of the Independent Schools Council).
This helpline is open Monday to Friday, between 9.00am and 11.00am.



Whether joining Rossall as a day or boarding pupil, you will be coming to a vibrant and happy community.

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Admissions Document Downloads

Admissions Document Downloads

All the documents required for the admissions process can be found and downloaded here.

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Open Days

Open Days

We run a series of Open Days throughout the year and these are an excellent way to get a flavour of life at Rossall.

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