We know that Rossall parents understand that there is a social and moral imperative to act responsibly during these challenging times. It is the case that overseas travel constitutes a particular risk at the moment and it is obviously very unwise to make unnecessary trips to areas where infection levels are high.

Currently, there is no need for parents to self-isolate if returning from countries where there are established ‘travel corridors’ to the United Kingdom. For an up-to-date list please see:

Government Guidance Travel Corridors

Those countries that do not enjoy ‘travel corridors’ with the UK tend to have high levels of community transmission within their territories. For example, America, India and Brazil.

Limited exemptions exist for those required to travel for professional reasons. However, the absolute level of risk is obviously not dependent upon whether one does or does not have an exemption. The risk of transmission is dependent upon epidemiological factors not legal dispensations.

If you are returning from a country where there is a requirement to quarantine, then you should follow government guidance in every regard. In particular, please consider the following:

It is important to avoid as much contact with other people as possible in your home in order to reduce the risk of transmitting coronavirus. You should stay in a well-ventilated room with a window to the outside that can be opened, separate from other people in your home.


Understandably, some parents have voiced a concern that travelling abroad potentially increases the risk of unwittingly transmitting the virus, via their child, to the school community. Whilst this is indeed a risk, we recognise that parents need to be able to continue working. However, all of us should make every effort possible to minimise risk. To do anything else is thoughtless in the extreme.


Some parents have asked if their child can temporarily enter boarding for the days immediately following their return from a country without a travel corridor. Unfortunately, this is not an option at the moment but we do know that some family members have taken particular precautions in terms of their own living arrangements during quarantine periods. This makes perfect sense.


A number of parents have said that they would not feel comfortable to allow their child to return to school until they themselves have received a negative test result after an overseas trip. This is entirely understandable and please do know that we can provide an Oncological Covid-19 test for £100 if this provides peace of mind. Please email Lucy Barnwell for further details at [email protected]


At all times, please communicate any concerns with us. We will work with you to minimise the educational impact upon your children. Together, we can identify strategies that serve to minimise risk for all concerned. It is likely that rules concerning quarantining will change and that there will be greater emphasis on testing and a compensatory shorter quarantine period.


Keeping our community safe is dependent upon all of us being mindful of the need to behave in a manner which serves to minimise risk to the most vulnerable within our community. It is our collective and individual responsibility to know that we have taken all reasonable steps to safeguard those around us. Breaching government guidelines or demonstrating a careless disregard for the anxiety or health concerns of others undermines all that we are trying to achieve for our children here at school. It breaks the bond of trust that must exist between school and home. Most importantly, it risks harming those whom we love most.

If you have any further questions then please contact our Director of Health and Well-being, Rachel Magowan. She can be contacted on [email protected]

Jeremy Quartermain