• COVID-19 Update: 27th November 2020

    Rossall School Update – UK Lockdown with Schools Remaining Open – Friday 27th November

    Splitting the Senior School (Year 9 – 13) for the final two weeks of term

    As we approach the end of a busy and successful term, pupils and their families will be turning their attention to planning for the Christmas holidays.

    We are keen to ensure that, in ending the term as safely and as smoothly as possible, all members of our community, including a number of boarders who have not been home since August, can enjoy the upcoming break with their families. For this reason we have explored ways in which we can further minimise risk of transmission and enable all members of our boarding community who need to travel home – both UK and International boarders – to be able to do so. Furthermore, we need to ensure that our boarding staff are able to have a break, given that many were caring for children throughout the half term.

    Due to ongoing attention to detail and constant reflection and review of risk assessments, as well the investment of the whole of the school community, Rossall has had only a handful of confirmed cases. This has meant that the education of all of our pupils has not been disrupted and continuity has been sustained successfully for all year groups since September.

    All decisions that we make and have made over the last few months have been with a view to protecting the wellbeing of all whilst ensuring both a continuity and a high quality of education. Therefore, we strongly believe that the best and safest way to enable our students to be able to make the most of the Christmas break is to split the day and boarding pupils (Year 9 to Year 13) for the last two weeks of term.

    This split, unlike the one in March, is designed to minimise risk for the large number of pupils travelling rather than to eliminate all contact between day and boarding pupils. Whilst boarders and day pupils will be attending lessons on different sides of the school site, teachers will move freely between the two and all pupils will continue to have lunch as they do now. Activities will continue with boarders being prioritised in the first week and day pupils in the second week but, where extended social distancing is possible (e.g. outdoor activities), some mixing of day and boarding pupils will continue.

    Lessons will be taught in person on one side of the site and pupils will Zoom in from the other. During the course of the two weeks, all day and boarding pupils will have some lessons in class with their teachers to ensure equality of provision.

    The impact of this will be minimised for Year 11 and Year 13 as they will be undertaking trial examinations for the first of the two weeks.

    If you do have any questions regarding the arrangements outlined above please do not hesitate to contact Lucy Barnwell on l [email protected] The usual live Q&A on Facebook this Friday at 13:00 GMT with the Headmaster will also be a good opportunity to have any questions answered.

    Yours sincerely,

    Dina Porovic
    Deputy Head (Academic)