Teaching and Learning

Our teachers are able to develop their own style, but the expectation is that lessons will be highly effective and learning will be both rapid and smooth. Our students often speak about how much they enjoy their lessons and their teachers.

Our classrooms, laboratories and learning spaces are an interesting mix – some extremely modern, some reminiscent of the 1950’s! Interestingly, all are well resourced with ICT being used in a meaningful way and state of the art equipment sitting alongside well-loved and used equipment. This combination of traditional and modern encapsulates our approach – taking the very best of the old and enhancing it with the very best of the new.

Our overarching principles for teaching and learning at Rossall echo the IB Learner Profile – the series of characteristics, traits and aims sits very comfortably with our educational philosophy.

Learning Support

Learning Support

The Learning Support offered at Rossall is second to none. We are able to support students with a variety of learning needs, including dyslexia, dyscalculia and autistic spectrum conditions.

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