Rossall Connect Guide to Remote Learning

  • Ensure that you have access to Google Classroom for all your taught subjects.
  • Install the Zoom (Cloud Meetings) app (icon as right) from the Self-Service
    app (if you have not already done so) and familiarise yourself with the main
  • You need to set up a suitable study area in your home. It needs to be a quiet space
    with a table and work surface for your iPad and other equipment.
  • You will be able to access a copy of your timetable using the iSams Student app.
  • Your parents can view your timetable on the parent portal and the iSams Parent


School 1 08:05 – 08:45 Access work and teacher Zoom link through Google Classroom
School 2 08:55 – 09:35 Access work and teacher Zoom link through Google Classroom
Break 09:35 – 10:00
School 3 10:00 – 10:40 Access work and teacher Zoom link through Google Classroom
School 4 10:50 – 11:30 Access work and teacher Zoom link through Google Classroom
Tutor Time

11:35 – 12:25

Form tutors will publish a l ist of one to one slots for all tutees.

Please ensure that you are on time for your slot.


12:25 – 13:00

School 5

13:00 – 13:40

Access work and teacher Zoom link through Google Classroom
School 6

13:50 – 14:30

Access work and teacher Zoom link through Google Classroom

14:40 – 15:40

Details of revision slots and enrichment activities will be

published separately with relevant Zoom links


  • Pupils will be registered at the start of every lesson. It is important that you log into Zoom a few minutes before your timetabled lesson is due to start.
  • Your parents should contact the school in the usual way if you are unwell and unable to attend the day’s remote lessons.
  • It is vital that all pupils benefit from the best possible remote learning experiences – Zoom should be used solely for communication from the teacher with individuals or with the class.


  • Make sure that you have all the equipment that you need for the lesson including your iPad, pens, paper, books, calculator, ruler etc.
  • Log in to Google Classroom and open the correct subject Classroom as per the timetable.
  • Click on the Zoom link provided by your teacher. This should be located at the top of every subject Classroom via the Classwork tab.
  • The lesson for the day will be labelled clearly – e.g.: “ Tuesday 17th March – Sch 1”


  • During your timetabled lessons, your subject teachers will provide you with direct instructions for the lesson through a short video clip on Classroom and via Zoom
  • All work to be completed will be hosted on Google Classroom with clear written instructions and any attachments you may need.
  • You will be able to communicate with your teacher throughout the lesson. Please keep your microphone off whilst the teacher is talking or you are working so as to not disturb others.
  • You can also use the chat function to communicate with your teacher.
  • After the initial explanation, you will be given time to complete your tasks. Your teachers will check in with the whole class regularly throughout the lesson.
  • All work done during the lesson should be uploaded and submitted via the assignment for the lesson in Google Classroom.
  • Approximately 5 minutes before the end of the lesson you will be asked to submit work you have done during the lesson. This must be done in the lesson assignments set by:
    ○ Taking and uploading a photograph of your work.
    ○ Closing any Google Doc, Sheets or Slides that your teacher has shared with you and you have been working on.
    ○ Uploading other work produced digitally.
    ○ You must press the SUBMIT button on the assignment to show you have completed the work.


  • Homework will continue to be set.
  • Please complete homework as advised by your teacher.
  • You may be asked to:
    ○ Work in your books and upload images to Google Classroom
    ○ Complete work online and submit


  • Registration will take place each morning at 08:20. Please ensure that you join your
    tutor’s Zoom link at this time.
  • Form time will take place 13:40-14:30 on each of Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday
    Pupils will be allocated two individual slots for a 1:1 Zoom with their form tutor during Form Time. Please ensure that you attend your slot on time.
  • When not participating in a 1:1 meeting with their form tutor, pupils will be directed towards certain tasks by their form tutor – this might include watching an assembly or completing an activity focussed on PSHE or Wellbeing


  • Testing, where necessary, will be carried out remotely
  • Pupils will need two devices for any assessments if possible so that one can be used for Zoom supervision (this can be a mobile phone) and the other for accessing the test content via Google Classroom – please do not worry if you do not have access to two devices but please do let your teacher know so that they can adjust their plans accordingly


  • As there will be no Games lessons for pupils this will be allocated as “wellbeing” time
  • We would advise this to be offline time, time for exercise or time to catch up with


  • You should be appropriately dressed and at your workspace
  • Your microphone should be on mute unless you are speaking so as not to disturb others
  • You should also mute your device to prevent noise interference – e.g. notifications etc.
  • Keep your camera turned on as this creates a more collaborative and pleasant learning environment for all members of the class and makes it easier for your teacher to tell if you are struggling with an explanation or if you need help.
  • You are expected to conduct yourself according to classroom expectations. Any inappropriate conduct will be addressed according to the school behaviour policy.
  • Make sure you tell your teacher or another adult you trust if there is anything in the lesson or in any of the content you access remotely that makes you feel uncomfortable.


  • If you live in a country where access to Google is difficult or intermittent, please let
    your form tutor know.
  • For such pupils, teachers will email work and Zoom links directly to a nominated alternative email address.
  • Students should also submit work to teachers by email.