Expanding Horizons

It is our mission at Rossall to educate – to enrich, enthuse, energise and empower the young people with whom we have the privilege to work. It is our mission to enable them to take up their place with courage, humanity and conviction as global citizens, friends, colleagues and partners in this increasingly complex world.


Our vision for the school has five key themes, echoing the five parts of the Rossall Rose:

Opening Minds

It is vital that all of the pupils and staff within the school have the opportunity to develop, know success, be challenged and grow. We want our community to be open and receptive to views and ideas and to be part of the most exciting educational and professional opportunities available.

Opening Hearts

As a school with a strong Christian foundation, it is essential that we have times to come together, to share experiences and to be mutually supportive. The emotional and spiritual wellbeing of our pupils and staff is extremely important to us. We want to be a reflective school, where we learn from each other, give back to the community, enrich and are enriched.

Opening Spaces

We have a spectacular school site and we want to optimise and harness the opportunities it offers to us. Our grounds, our buildings, our facilities, the beach, Fleetwood and the Fylde Coast all present opportunities to enhance the educational experience for our pupils and to create an inspirational working environment.

Opening Discussion

As a truly international community, Rossall is abuzz with communication. We want to be a school which communicates effectively and eloquently with the world. For our pupils, the development and finessing of communication skills, verbal and non- verbal is a hallmark of a Rossall education; we want everyone who leaves Rossall to be able to make their mark by what they say and the way they say it.

Opening Doors

It is vital for Rossall to be outward-looking and outward-reaching for the benefit of our whole community, both internal and external. As a global village, our school has a great deal to offer to the wider community and we are very keen to explore and embrace the opportunities to work collaboratively and make links locally, nationally and internationally.

Inspection Reports

Inspection Reports

As an independent boarding school with pupils aged 2-18, we are inspected by a number of bodies.

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Beyond the Classroom

Beyond the Classroom

One of the greatest advantages of a school like Rossall is the holistic learning experience afforded by a rich and varied extra-curricular programme.

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