Inspection Reports

As an independent boarding school with pupils aged 2-18, we are inspected by the Independent Schools Inspectorate (ISI).

The Independent Schools Inspectorate is the body approved by the Secretary of State for the purpose of inspecting schools which are in membership of the associations which form the Independent Schools Council (ISC).

In June 2019, a Focused Compliance Inspection and an Educational Quality Inspection was carried out by the ISI.

We are proud to state that our pupils’ development was rated ‘Excellent’ across the entire school by the Independent Schools Inspectorate. Our international ethos, academic achievements and communication skills were cited as to why we are the number one school of choice for an ever-increasing number of families.

Focused Compliance Inspection

Rossall ‘met all the standards in the schedule to the Education Regulations 2014, the National Minimum Standards for Boarding Schools 2015, and other associated requirements, and no further action is required.’ The compliance section of the report is comparatively brief and this is because all judgements are binary – a school is either compliant or it is not.

Educational Quality Inspection

The quality of pupils’ personal development was rated ‘Excellent’ and this judgement applies to all areas of the School: Infants, Juniors and Seniors. The report highlights the fact that pupils are self-confident, self-reflective and self-disciplined. It characterises pupils as ‘inquisitive, curious, resourceful and resilient’. Furthermore, it observes that senior school pupils, in particular, ‘value the many opportunities provided by the school to develop their character and self-esteem’.

The headline judgement for educational outcomes was classified as ‘good’ and the inspecting team were especially impressed by the excellent communications skills’ exhibited by our pupils. Furthermore, they noted that ‘pupils of all ages demonstrate excellent attitudes toward learning.’

To read the ISI Regulatory Compliance Inspection from June 2021, please click here.

To read the full Focused Compliance Inspection and an Educational Quality Inspection of June 2019, please click here.

In addition, we are also pleased to share with you the link to The Good Schools Guide piece about Rossall which provides a less official but equally useful external perspective on the school.


Our School

Our School

Rossall is a place to inspire strong emotions. Shaped by its coastal location, it encourages a spirit of curiosity and adventure. Surrounded by stunning architecture, it generates an atmosphere of calm and tradition.

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A school’s curriculum goes to the very heart of education, defining not only what our pupils experience and enjoy whilst they are here at Rossall, but also defining what they take away in terms of like skills, values, qualifications and passions.

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