Rossall Kitchen Facility Hire in Fleetwood, Lancashire

There is no better place to improve your culinary skills than ‘The Rossall Kitchen’. This modern, spacious kitchen is a fully stocked demonstration kitchen which provides a perfect backdrop for presentations, photography or film shoots or to be creative and learn a life skill to take you from a nervous novice to confident cook.

The layout of Rossall Kitchen is safely and uniquely designed for hands-on cooking and allows up to 10 students to work individually or 20 collaboratively to create their masterpieces at 10 workstations. Each station comes equipped with an oven, mixer, cooking and baking equipment and plenty of space to prepare dishes. There is 1 microwave as well as a full-size fridge and freezer.

It boasts an envious wealth of resources and a fabulous ‘cookery presentation area’ equipped with an interactive whiteboard, projector with Apple TV where the Lecturer carry out various demonstrations from hygiene and proper handling of ingredients to preparations of ‘the dish of the day’.

Available evenings, weekends and school holidays.

Packages are tailored to suit requirements from £45.00 per hour for minimum 2 hours sessions.

A better, more contemporary place to teach the next generation of cooks could not be found.

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