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Look back in wonder

A minor miracle this morning when we had a break in the last couple of days’ incessant rain just long enough to run through our annual whole school evacuation procedures….

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Exams by Osmosis!

I had a lovely meeting a few days ago with a group of Year 11 Biology students who had come to me for a head’s commendation – they had all…

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The Sea, the Sea

Just when we thought winter was on its way out, the wild weather returned with full force today, bringing storms, high winds and horizontal rain to the Rossall campus. But…

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Are you winning?

“Are you winning?” was one of my dad’s favourite phrases; never meant in a literal sense, but more of a “How are things? How are you doing?” enquiry. His sister…

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Lies, damned lies and statistics!

In the crazy world of examination league tables, DfE GCSE league tables released this week indicate that the best independent schools are performing worst. Obviously, this is not the case,…

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Readjust your normal

Although the nights are just beginning to draw out, it is still dark when I head home. One evening last week I was walking a few metres ahead of one…