Transport and Travel

Rossall School is very well served by transport links, as well as our own dedicated school bus service for day pupils, we have our own Rossall School tram stop and we are only ten minutes away from Poulton-le-Fylde train station.

For our international students, the nearest airports are Manchester and Liverpool. Both airports are only an hour away from Rossall and we run a shuttle bus service to school at the beginning and end of each term and half term. Manchester Airport is also very easy to reach on a direct train to and from Poulton-le-Fylde station.

Bus Service

We provide an extensive School Bus Service for Rossall day pupils living in the Lancashire region that covers the whole of the Fylde, Wyre and Preston areas. The School bus service is operated by a fleet of drivers who have all been checked and cleared by the Disclosure and Barring Service.

Passes are available to buy at the RosShop before the start of each term.


The drop-off / pick up areas are listed below.

The times shown below are provisional and should be used as a guide, allowing 5-10 minutes either side for traffic. The bus will arrive at Rossall School at 08:25 each morning and will leave at 17:30 each evening.

If you live in an area which is not currently covered by our bus service, please contact us as we are willing to consider new routes.

Rossall School

For further information or if you have any further questions, please contact Julie Oldfield in the RosShop on 01253 774252.

Rossall School Transport Timetable 2017-2018

Lytham Express AM PM Full Pass AM/PM Pass
Lytham Assembly Rooms (Lytham) 7.30am 6.20pm £267.00 £161.00
Clifton Drive/Denford Avenue 7.35am 6.15pm £267.00 £161.00
St Anne’s Library (St Annes) 7.40am 6.10pm £267.00 £161.00
Clifton Drive/Squires Gate Lane 7.45am 6.05pm £238.00 £143.00
Blackpool South Station 7.50am 6.00pm £245.00 £146.00
Rossall School 8.20am 5.30pm


Poulton and North Shore AM PM Full Pass AM/PM Pass
Harewood Avenue 7.30am 6.20pm £240.00 £144.00
Newton Drive / Milton Avenue 7.35am 6.15pm £240.00 £144.00
Blackpool North Rail / Sainsburys 7.50am 6.00pm £240.00 £144.00
Dickson Road (Gynn Square) 7.55am 5.55pm £240.00 £144.00
Promenade/St Stephen’s Avenue 8.00am 5.50pm £176.00 £106.00
Ashfield Road / Kingcraig Avenue 8.05am 5.45pm £176.00 £106.00
Cleveleys Medical Centre 8.10am 5.40pm £176.00 £106.00
Rossall School 8.20am 5.30pm


Preston, Kirkham and Wrea Green* AM PM Full Pass AM/PM Pass
Preston (Mariners Way / Jaguar) 7.10am 6.40pm £316.00 £190.00
Kirkham (Opposite Morrisons) 7.35am 6.15pm £240.00 £144.00
Wrea Green (Station Road Stop) 7.40am 6.10pm £238.00 £143.00
Weeton (Eagle and Child Inn) 7.45am 6.05pm £238.00 £143.00
Singleton (Village Hall) 7.55am 5.55pm £238.00 £143.00
Poulton (Opposite Library) 8.05am 5.45pm £238.00 £143.00
Poulton Road / The Avenue 8.10am 5.40pm £238.00 £143.00
Rossall School 8.20am 5.30pm

*The Preston, Kirkham and Wrea Green bus is fully booked for 2017/2018

Scorton and Garstang AM PM Full Pass AM/PM Pass
Scorton (The Square) 7.00am 6.50pm £298.00 £178.00
Garstang (Opposite Bradshaw’s Farm Shop) 7.15am 6.35pm £267.00 £161.00
Churchtown (The Horns Inn) 7.25am 6.25pm £262.00 £157.00
St Michaels on the Wyre (Village Hall) 7.30am 6.20pm £262.00 £157.00
Great Eccleston (Square) 7.35am 6.15pm £238.00 £143.00
Great Eccleston (Cartford Inn) 7.40am 6.10pm £238.00 £143.00
Shard Bridge 7.50am 6.00pm £226.00 £136.00
Thornton (Post Office) 8.05am 5.45pm £200.00 £120.00
Thornton (Gardeners Arms) 8.10am 5.40pm £176.00 £106.00
Rossall School 8.20am 5.30pm

*All timings/stops are indicative and subject to change.

School Bus Rules and Regulations 

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Trips and Visits

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