Scholarships and Bursaries

Rossall awards a wide variety of scholarship awards each year to current and new pupils to the School. Means-tested bursaries can be offered to further supplement these awards.

We encourage all applicants to consider Rossall, regardless of whether they think they can afford the full tuition fees. We do our best to admit and support a wide variety of students from many diverse backgrounds.

These awards are given for different reasons:


Scholarships are awards based on merit/excellence. They are awarded for pupils entering Years 5, 7 9 and 12, with outstanding talent in the fields of academics, sport, music and for Year 7, 9 and 12 in art and performing arts/drama also rewarded. Scholarships are reviewed annually in light of a pupil’s achievement, effort, attitude and behaviour.

We have some specific Scholarship Awards – for example the Jackson and Trapnell awards –  for pupils in Years 9 and 12 that give awards of 80%-100% of the basic annual school fee.

General scholarships in Years 5, 7, 9 and 12  are awarded up to a maximum of 20% of the fees.

Scholarship application deadlines are at the end of the Michaelmas term of the year preceding entry into Rossall.

Year 5, 7 and 9 interviews are held during the last week in January and the assessment on the last Saturday in January of the year of entry into Rossall School.

Year 12 assessments and interviews are held on the first Friday and Saturday in February of the year of entry into Rossall School.

Families will be notified if an award is forthcoming soon after all the assessments and interviews have been completed.

Boarding Scholarship Awards

From September 2017, Rossall School is offering eight boarding scholarship awards for UK full boarders in Years 7 and 9 new to Rossall School. The value of the Boarding Scholarship Award is 25%. There will be one for a pupil entering Year 7 called the Anchor Award and then seven for pupils entering in Year 9. These awards are called the Mitre Fleur de Lys Award, Pelican Award, Maltese Cross Award, Spread Eagle Award, Dolphin Award, Rose Award and Wren Award. The first four Year 9 awards are for boys and the three latter awards are for girls. These awards are named after our boarding houses. For more information, please contact Julie Barkhuizen on [email protected]


A bursary (an award based on financial need) is a reduction in fees based on an assessment of the merit of a pupil and consideration of parental financial circumstances, assessed following the completion of Rossall’s financial circumstances form. Families of Year 7 pupils (or pupils entering Year 7) and above can apply for a bursary solely or if the Scholarship that they have been awarded is not sufficient to be able to take advantage of a Rossall education. Bursaries are reviewed annually.

Scholarship and bursary awards should be regarded as strictly confidential.

For full details of our scholarships and bursaries available, please contact the UK Registrar, Julie Barkhuizen on 01253 774260 or email [email protected]

For information on sibling discounts, please visit the Fees page.

Forces Bursaries

Rossall awards all service families wishing to place their child/ren at Rossall a discount of 25% off its school fees.

List of available scholarships



Whether joining Rossall as a day or boarding pupil, you will be coming to a vibrant and happy community.

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Admissions Document Downloads

Admissions Document Downloads

All the documents required for the admissions process can be found and downloaded here.

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Open Days

Open Days

We run a series of Open Days throughout the year and these are an excellent way to get a flavour of life at Rossall.

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